Kotzebue, Alaska

Explore Alaska from Our Bed and Breakfasts in Kotzebue

When you choose Far North lodging at one of our member B&Bs, you can explore Kotzebue’s history and culture at the Museum of the Arctic. The museum offers programs on the area's indigenous culture, demonstrations of Inupiat handicrafts, a visit to the adjoining jade factory, and a traditional blanket toss. Natural freeze/thaw cycles, precipitation, and erosion bring many fossil remains from mammoths and other prehistoric animals to the surface in this region. Native arts involving carving on fossilized bone, reindeer antler or bone, or ivory from sea animals is abundant.

Kotzebue is near the mouths of the Kobuk and Noatak rivers. This area of the state is perfect for viewing wildlife like the reindeer herd that calls the Peninsula home or the many types of waterfowl. Guides are available to take visitors on hiking trips through the vast national lands or to lead fishing trips for chums, pike and grayling in the region's lakes, rivers and streams.

Choose an inn over typical hotels when you visit Alaska. Our local innkeepers will provide you with comfortable accommodations and share their knowledge of the region to help make your stay truly memorable.

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