Talkeetna, Alaska

Bed and Breakfast Lodging in Talkeetna, Alaska

Rather than staying at a hotel on your next trip, consider one of our inns or cabins where you will feel right at home. These accommodations are by far the most authentic way to live the Alaskan experience.

Jetboats, jeep tours, wagons, planes—the ways to take in the sites of Talkeetna, AK are endless. Shopping for gifts and jewelry downtown is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Some say this village was the inspiration for the popular television show “Northern Exposure,” so spending some leisurely time around town is sure to pique your interest. Climbers preparing to scale Mt. McKinley make their way around town amidst visitors from every nation on earth, making this small village an international gathering spot. You might be surprised by the conversations you strike up at the local restaurants and brewery, with the variety of people who come to see this town.

As you head out on adventures, you can choose riverboat services, a zipline adventure, skiing, Northern Lights viewing—so much activity is bound to leave you ready for a good night’s rest.

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