Tok, Alaska

Enjoy Bed and Breakfast Lodging in Tok, Alaska

Come on in and make yourself at home in the comfortable lodging that is available in this area, from cabins to inns, there are many charming hotel alternatives to choose from.

In the 1940s, during the construction of the Alcan and Glenn Highways, this town was built as a camp for the road workers and was named after the Tok River. During WWII, the large airstrip here was built for aircraft being sent to Russia. Now a main crossroads on the Alaska Highway system, Tok, AK, is ready to welcome you to this scenic, vibrant area.

Ask your innkeeper about local activities such as ATVing, fishing, hiking, and rafting—let them be your local expert! You’ll get a unique view of what it is to live at this crossroads in the middle of hundreds of miles of wilderness. Remember to tell your friends and family back home about the lush flower gardens, the plentiful fish, the Northern Lights, and the warmth and hospitality of your stay.

Below are the Alaska Bed and Breakfast Members IN or NEAR Tok.
  Log Cabin Wilderness Lodge
98.5 Tok Cut Off Road - P.O. Box 122, Tok, AK 99780
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