Whittier, Alaska

Bed and Breakfast Lodging in Whittier, AK

Your vacation in Alaska is sure to be a pleasure, particularly when making your reservation with a member inn of the Bed and Breakfast Association of Alaska.

Whittier is the perfect place to plan tomorrow’s adventures along Prince William Sound and the Passage Canal. Glaciers and snow-capped mountains enclose the town on one side, the other is open to its port, which is the U.S.’ northernmost port to stay ice-free year-round. Birdwatchers will be sure to make this a stop along their trip, as they observe the kittiwakes, the gulls, the bald eagles, and the various migratory waterfowl as they soar overhead. The Anton Anderson Tunnel which takes visitors to town is the longest tunnel in the United States, just under two miles.

Whether you spend your days picking the abundance of berries or fishing for halibut or salmon in this beautiful setting, make sure you experience the comfort of this area at one of our B&Bs - a wonderful alternative to a conventional hotel.

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  Carriage House Accommodations-B&B, Suite & Chalet
388 Crow Creek Road/P. O. Box 355, Girdwood, AK 99587
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