Yukatat, Alaska

Enjoy Beachside Lodging in Yakutat, Alaska

Sandy beaches and surfing in the Yukon State? Beachcombing for glass balls and driftwood? Yes, you heard right. Wake up in bed and breakfast after a great night’s sleep, and visit Harlequin Lake to check out the Inside Passage's beachside scene, including the freshwater glacier and beautiful wildflowers. Nearby Disenchantment Bay is home to the Hubbard glacier, which is always moving, and is the largest tidewater glacier in the area. Or head to the Situk River to watch native commercial fishermen, busy at work.

Why not try some fishing yourself? Catch some salmon, halibut, or steelhead, with the help of a professional guide and a chartered boat. Or, enjoy the day in town seeking out local art or good cup of coffee where you can relax and enjoy the view!

Instead of hotels in Yakutat, AK choose a member inn of the BBAA instead to enjoy first-rate amenities, friendly hosts, and an ambiance that truly feels like home.

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